Bulk Buy

Purchase your favorite ingredients by the pound! Everything is prepped for you! Mix and match your favorite ingredients on the go.  Select the item you would like to receive and we will prep and ship a full tray of your favorite foods. 


  • Chicken Breast: $8.99 per lb
  • Angus Steak: $13.99 per lb
  • Turkey Breast: $9.99 per lb
  • Alaskan Cod: $10.99 per lb
  • Salmon: $14.99 per lb
  • Tilapia: $10.99 per lb
  • Sweet Potato: $4.99 per lb
  • Whole Wheat Pasta: $3.99 per lb
  • Brown Rice: $3.99 per lb
  • Potato Wedges: $4.99 per lb

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