Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Billing

How do I order?

What if i do not like one of the meals in the plan?

When day/time should I cancel my meal delivery by if I no longer want to receive meals ?

I will be going out of town , can I skip a week's shipment?

If I place an order can I then cancel it if something comes up?

Returns & Refunds

What is the minimum purchase?

Why does my account show a second charge before I received my first week of meals?

Can I place a one time order?

How do I apply a discount code?


When can I expect my meals to arrive?

How do I track my delivery?

Can I plan to have my meals arrive on a certain day?

How does the food maintain freshness after shipping?

Payments & Shipping

Manage Subscription

How do I cancel my orders?

How do I change or modify my meals for future weeks?

What is the weekly shipment program?

Can I skip future weeks?


How do I heat my meals?

How should I consume my meals for optimal benefits?

Where is the nutrition information for my meals?

One of my meals arrived damaged, how can I handle this?

Frequently Asked Questions

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