Even though a majority of people including myself hate cardio, there are major aspects about cardio that you just can’t do without!  Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise is any type of physical activity that gets your heart rate going which in turn increases your blood circulation throughout the body.  There are many benefits of cardio. One of them being an improved physical condition of the heart. The heart just like any other muscle in your body must be worked out regularly to stay healthy and strong, the less cardio and physical activity you do the weaker your heart is which could make you in the long run more susceptible to heart related diseases and sicknesses!

Another great benefit of cardio is you will be burning an increased amount of calories. It speeds up your natural metabolism which will force your body, even at rest, to burn more calories and fat each and every day.  One of the best forms of cardio is the elliptical machine, which is my personal favorite, due to its overall fat burning qualities.  Your legs are performing a backward and forward gliding motion which causes your core to contract and relax which is causing more fat to be burned in your core besides your legs.  Also your arms are pushing and pulling the elliptical handles which is causing more fat to be burned off from your arms, chest and back.  The higher the intensity of the cardio session the more of a boost your metabolism will get. 

Finally, the greatest aspect of cardio to me is its ability to change my overall mood each and every day.  No matter how I wake up: crabby, sore, tired, angry, or sad after each cardio session I feel like a million bucks due to the endorphins my brain releases!  A common question that I hear all the time is: Is there too much cardio?  There is definitely too much cardio, our bodies’ physically don’t handle more than 45-60 minutes of cardio a day.  That much cardio can cause your metabolism to eat away at not only fat but muscle as well.  The perfect amount of cardio to do on a moderately healthy diet is at least five 20 minute sessions per week to stay slim and lean. 

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