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Supplements 101

A common misconception is that supplements are a waste of money or they don’t work. Not true, a majority of the time supplements are beneficial to helping your body push its limits and maintaining muscle. Even though supplements can be expensive at times the right supplements are worth every penny. The essentials are Multivitamins, Aminos/BCAA’s, some good products to add into your daily routine, and lean high quality protein such as Isopure or Carnivore which are two of my favorite brands.

My personal favorite Multivitamin pack is the Primer Multivitamin Pack made by Magnum Nutraceuticals. This vitamin pack helps my body with Electrolyte enrichment, Antioxidants, athletic enhancement, muscle recovery, vitamin absorption, improved cardio health, brain support, improved blood pressure control, helpful digestive enzymes, mineral fortification, energy production, anti-aging effects, inflammation reduction, bone strength and health catalysts. All of these benefits help your body push its limits while being physically active. There have been times where I have ran out and my body get’s run down very quickly without the added help of this vita pack.

I use Alpha Amino by Cellucor, this powerful BCAA blend helps me stay on top of my cardio game when I am training for my competitions or photo-shoots. This blend has 14 different Amino Acids and a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio. BCAA’s help our body’ muscles recover faster, maintain and endure physical activity longer and harder.

One of the other key products I use to keep my body nice and lean is CLA or Conjugated linoleic acid. CLA assists our body’s with fat burning, building and retaining lean muscle and also is a natural cancer fighter! There are also 6 key benefits of CLA are: increased metabolic rate, enhanced muscle growth, lower cholesterol, lower insulin resistance, enhances the immune system, and reduces food-induced allergic reactions.

Lean protein powder is the last product and it is a MUST. Most people do not ingest enough protein throughout their day and lean protein powders such as Isopure are a quick and healthy way to get more protein which has many positive benefits! Whey protein contains a large range of essential amino acids which help your body perform better. Its best benefit is that it helps increase natural strength, helps build lean muscle which in turn also forces your body to burn higher amounts of fat which will lean your body out faster and it tastes great!