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Squeem Team

Squeem, waist cinchers, waist trainers or whatever you want to call them not only help bring your waist size down but are also good for back support too. An easy way to bring down your waist by an inch or two is by wearing a rubber lined squeem for 4 to 6 hours a day. The waist trainer causes your body to sweat in the specific area that it is wrapped around aka your waist continually. The more active you are while wearing the waist trainer the more calories you burn. I like to sit in the steam room while wearing my squeem for accelerated fat loss.

Sitting in a steam room is one of the easiest ways to also get rid of extra water weight and natural toxins that are built up and stored every single day in our body’s. One of my tricks that I use to quickly bring in my waist when training or just to stay lean is to wear a waist trainer while I sit in the sauna at least five days a week. The waist trainer’s added fat burning benefits are accelerated and noticeable changes can be seen on the daily! Sitting in a steam room regardless is a great way to speed up muscle recovery during times of training or working out. The body stores three to five pounds of water each day and an easy way to keep your weight down is to sit in the steam room on a regular basis as well as incorporating cardio into your routine.

Besides being advantageous for fat loss higher compression waist trainers help with back support. My girlfriend has been diagnosed with scoliosis and has had back pain for years and she is only twenty three and ever since she has been using a waist trainer her back pain has gone away and it has improved her posture posture without having to wear a brace. They are easy to conceal and are a very simple way to lose inches around your waist and to improve natural posture, I would recommend this product to men and women!


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