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Leanness and Lifting

            Do you want to lean out but think lifting will add too much muscle or more weight?  Lifting is one of the best ways, regardless of what people think, to lean out as much as you want without adding unwanted muscle and weight.  People ask me all the time how to lean out while lifting and there are multiple ways that will get you the results that you desire. 

            One of the most effective ways to lean out and shed unwanted fat and water weight when working out is to lift every set for ten to twenty repetitions.  What this means, for example, is if you are squatting 100 pounds 4 sets, each set you want to squat that 100 pounds 10-20 times, so when you are finished you have done 40-80 repetitions total.  Each and every single lift needs to be done just like this and your desired goals will be achieved.

            Another useful method of training that I incorporate into my daily routine when lifting is Circuit training.  Circuit training means when lifting you do 3 similar lifts all in a row one after the other.  For example, you could do one set of pull ups and then right after do one set of pushups and then thirdly do a set of bicep curls all within 30 seconds of finishing each lift.  What this does is increase your heart rate causing the body to burn more calories while working out and also causes muscle confusion which is what your body needs to build muscle and burn calories.

            To achieve your fitness goals all you have to do to start out with is workout at least three days a week.  The body needs a minimum of two days a week to maintain muscle tone and burn calories and fat.  At three days a week your body starts building some muscle and your natural metabolism starts to increase.  The ideal amount of working out is five days a week with two rest days thrown in so your body can rest and start to grow.