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Top Ten Tuesday : 10 Tricks to Lose Weight

  1. Add Broccoli to your diet. Not only is this delicious vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals but it is also a natural diuretic that forces your body to get rid of excess salts and water that is stored each and every day.
  2. Integrate Dandelion Root pills into your daily routine. I take two 525 mg pills three times a day spread out evenly.  Dandelion root is a natural diuretic as well which promotes weight loss.
  3. Add corn into your diet. Corn, even though it is very hard for your body to digest is a natural effective diuretic useful for weight loss.
  4. Wear a waist trainer every day. Wearing a waist trainer 4-6 hours a day will dramatically bring your waistline down and provide back support as well.
  5. Sitting in a steam room at least 5 days a week. Sitting in a steam for 10-15 minutes causes your body to sweat out all its toxins and water that has been stored in your body’s fat making you healthier, leaner, and helps your body recover faster.
  6. Add Asparagus to your diet. Asparagus is loaded with vitamins, minerals and natural diuretic qualities.
  7. Add 15-20 minutes of cardio into your day at least 4 times a week. Doing cardio consistently not only helps your body get rid of fat but it also makes your brain release endorphins that make you feel good!
  8. Incorporate spinach leaves into your daily routine. Spinach leaves are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  It is also a natural diuretic useful for weight loss.
  9. Water, Water, and more Water. Even though it is just water most people do not know that your body needs at least a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated, healthy and lean!  There are multiple ways to spice up your water with fresh lemons, limes, or cucumbers.
  10. Getting adequate amounts of sleep. Sleeping at least 6-8 hours a night boosts your overall mood, increases your metabolism helping burn fat even while at rest, helps your body recover faster from physical activities, and helps improve memory!