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Motivational Monday: The Olympia

            There were a lot of surprising events that took place this previous weekend in Las Vegas at the Olympia!  There were upsets and crowns were kept.  Being a NPC Physique athlete, I personally understand the hundreds of hours spent on the competition prep. Everything that goes into it and how much motivation and hard work is necessary to become a champion.  I can not even imagine how much higher of a level the top competitors are at when training for the biggest show in the world, The Olympia!

            The three most inspiring events that took place to me were the Women’s Figure Division, Men’s Physique Division, and Open Bodybuilding.  The reason these three were the most inspiring and motivational to me is because there were incredible physiques in all the top athletes and it was amazing to see them compete against each other and act like champions regardless the outcome.  In Women’s Figure, Nicole Wilkins the 4 time previous Olympia Champion was overthrown by Latorya Watts, a newcomer with an amazing physique proving anything is possible. 

The top 5 in Men’s Physique all brought absolutely shredded physiques to the stage and Jeremy Buendia won his 2nd title.  Buendia’s win was not why I chose this division, it was 5th place IFBB Pro Brandon Hendrickson’s top 5 placing that inspired me!  This was his first Olympia and he already placed 5th in the world, I can’t imagine the physique he’s going to bring to the stage in the following Olympia’s to come!  He is also from Chicago which is not far from where I reside at in North Dakota and he shows that the sky's the limit with hardwork and perseverance! 

The 3rd event I chose was the Men’s Open Bodybuilding.  This is the main event and it is hard not to be inspired by the massive and shredded physiques brought to the stage.  Despite the absence of the the now 5x Olympian Phil Heath’s main competition, Kai Greene, the show was still a very close battle for the 2015 Olympian crown between the top 4 competitors: 4th - IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf, 3rd - IFBB Pro Shawn Rhoden, 2nd - IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson and 1st - IFBB Pro Phil Heath.  The accomplishments of these champions inspires millions of fitness enthusiasts across the world.  Work hard and stay humble and your efforts will be recognized.