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Noteworthy Supps: Kre-Alkalyn

There is a lot of negative hype about Creatine. Most people take creatine monohydrate which has a lot of negative side-effects which basically cancel out all the positive benefits creatine has to offer. I personally take the Kre-Alkalyn form which gives my body more strength, endurance and greater muscle building effects without the negative side effects of the monohydrate form.

            The cheapest and most abundant form of creatine comes through monohydrate which most inexperienced athletes and younger weightlifters tend to buy. When creatine monohydrate hits water a chemical reaction occurs within our bodies’ producing a toxic by-product called creatinine. Increased creatinine levels causes our stomachs’ cramps and bloating, diarrhea, bodily water retention, dehydration, headaches, liver and kidney problems and creatinine poisoning. All of these reactions happen from our bodies’ self-defenses against the ingested toxins.

            The reason I take the Kre-Alkalyn form of creatine is to avoid all of the negatives the other form brings. Without the negatives pure creatine brings increased muscle size, improved athletic performance and increased muscle protein synthesis. This form of creatine should be consumed in daily amounts as high as 5-7 gram a day. I like to split my doses up between two shakes a day in which I also add Glutamine to my protein to increase muscle recovery time. Kre-Alkalyn can be consume by women as well as men who are looking to reap the benefits creatine brings to the table. It will not make you big and jacked and all the negative hype behind it depending on how you are working out, how often you are working out and what your diet consists of. For further questions about workouts or diets feel free to contact one of our professionals through the website