Corn is one of the staples in my fresh vegetable diet that I love to eat daily!  This vegetable like all the other ones I have written about are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. With such large amounts of vitamins and minerals corn can be considered a superfood.  If this vegetable is taken along with a couple other vegetables like broccoli and asparagus this combo can replace most pill multi-vitamins.

On top of being loaded with vitamins and minerals corn is a great diuretic that can help shed unwanted water weight.  Vitamin B, thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folate are the most abundant vitamins and minerals but when consumed in larger amounts corn is also a strong source of dietary fiber, magnesium and phosphorus.  Protein and amino acids are also present in the vegetable which make it irreplaceable in your diet if you are trying to make strides in becoming a healthier you.

A good way I like to break up asparagus, corn and broccoli throughout my day is to alternate them evenly with six out of my seven meals.  My first meal I always like to start out with something lighter like the veggie scrambler but my second and fifth meals I have corn with my carbohydrates.  My third and sixth meals I throw broccoli in and my fourth and seventh meals I have my asparagus with my meals.  Performing this routine perfectly balances the three vegetables throughout the day so your body can fully utilize and absorb all the vitamins and minerals consumed without peeing out the excess.  I primarily like to grill or saute my vegetables but steaming them is also a quick alternative.  Another trick to add more fat burning qualities to your vegetables is to add cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and chili powder. 

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