Frequently Asked Questions


What Is New Vision Nutrition?

New Vision Nutrition prepares and delivers fresh, healthy meals right to your door. We combine culinary expertise with nutritional science to design meals and diet plans that not only taste amazing, but give your body the necessary nutrients to perform at optimal levels.

What are the benefits of New Vision Nutrition?

When living a healthy and fit lifestyle, you feel great, look amazing and have tons of energy to achieve your goals. We shop, prep, cook, and deliver right to your door so you can eat healthy without all of the work.

Do I need to eat New Vision Nutrition for every meal to see results?

No. Definitely not. A fit lifestyle is all about creating habits that you stick to over time. Every healthy meal you eat is another step in the right direction. Keep working towards your goals and improving each day.

How much does New Vision Nutrition cost?

Our breakfast meals start from $6.95 and our entrees for lunch and dinner start from $8.95. We have pre-made plans that vary in the number of meals and price. Our delivery charge is based on your location.

View our menu to customize your very own meal plan today!


When can I expect my meals to arrive?

Orders placed anytime on Monday through Thursday will ship out the following Monday and arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on location.

Orders placed anytime on Friday through Sunday will ship out on Wednesdays and arrive Thursday or Friday depending on location.

You will receive an automated email with a tracking number once your meals have shipped.

How do I track my delivery?

We ship via UPS. When your meal plans are completely prepared and shipped, you will receive an email with a UPS tracking number. You will receive the tracking number on the day of the shipment , not the day that you place your order. This will help you to better plan for the delivery of your meals once they are shipped.

Can I plan to have my meals arrive on a certain day?

We prepare and ship twice per week. Please place your order based on the following schedule to receive when you want:
Orders placed anytime on Monday through Thursday will ship out the following Monday and arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on location.

Orders placed anytime on Friday through Sunday will ship out on Wednesdays and arrive Thursday or Friday depending on location.

Where is New Vision Nutrition currently doing business?

New Vision Nutrition is now catering to the entire Continental United States. We ship to all 50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

What shipping carrier does New Vision Nutrition currently use?

New Vision Nutrition is currently using UPS.

How does the food maintain freshness after shipping?

The meals are to be kept refrigerated and will maintain freshness for up to 7 days following delivery. Meals can be frozen to maintain freshness for longer periods.Our new air-tight vacuum sealed containers are microwave safe as well as oven safe. They are also 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable.

Payments & Shipping

Accepting payments by PayPal and all major credit cards.

Shipping will be calculated using UPS rates.  We will be shipping overnight, or two day air depending on your location, to maintain freshness. Shipping rates will begin at a rate of $19.95 and can increase if multiple boxes are required for a shipment, or if you are located in a higher temperature area. 

Ordering and Billing FAQ

How do I order?

Our ordering process is fully customize-able. You can order by picking your own meals from the catalog , or selecting one of our pre-made plans to help meet your fitness goal!

What if i do not like one of the meals in the plan?

You can remove it and replace it with another! Simply add the plan to the cart , view your cart and remove the meal. You can add or remove any meals to and from your cart as you wish.

What is the weekly shipment program?

The weekly shipments are made so you will have no gap in meals, and be able to stay on track with your diet! We will send fresh meals right to your door each week.

Can I change meals in my meal plan?

You can add or remove meals in your subscription at any time! Log into your account and hit manage subscription and update your meal quantities from that screen.

If I have a recurring order, when does it get billed?

Recurring orders (on automatic billing) get billed every week on the day that you originally placed your order around noon EST.

When day/time should I cancel my meal delivery by if I no longer want to receive meals ?

Your order will be billed weekly on the same day that you placed your original order. If you want to cancel a recurring order for the next week, please note that you should do so the day before the order is billed.

I will be going out of town , can I skip a week's shipment?

You can always skip your recurring order for a week by going to "My Account" at the top of the webpage -> Manage subscription -> upcoming orders-- please remember to do so before the ordering cutoff.

If I place an order can I then cancel it if something comes up?

You can always cancel your order before the ordering deadline for your order's delivery date. Just email us and let us know. After the ordering deadline our general policy is to offer 50% back since by that point we've already sourced the fresh produce for your meal, but if you email us with your specific situation we may be able to accommodate 100% depending on the circumstance. Things come up and we are very nice and understanding people!

Returns & Refunds

Since we are dealing with perishable goods there will be no returns or refunds. New Vision Nutrition may not be held responsible for incorrect address implementations.  Please utilize the tracking number provided to you via email to track your package.  Do not leave the package unattended for more than a few hours.

What is the minimum purchase?

Our current minimum is 10 meals per order.

Why does my account show a second charge before I received my first week of meals?

In rare cases , depending on when you place your order, you may be charged a second time on the day before you receive your first meals. That charge will be for the second week of meals , which will arrive one week following the first shipment.


I am a retailer and/or gym owner. Can NVN provide me with meals to sell in my store / gym?

Yes. We currently work with many retailers and gyms throughout the United States. If you are interested , please reach out to for more information and pricing.

I am interested in joining the New Vision Team. Where do I start?

Chris Villa is New Vision Nutrition's team coordinator. Please reach out to if you are interested in joining the team. We receive many applications on a daily basis and sponsorships are limited.

How do I heat my meals?


     1. Peel back corner of plastic wrapper or pierce plastic with a fork.

     2. Place tray on a microwaveable plate in microwave.

     3. For Specialty Meals and BYO

          a. Cook on high power for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

          b. Shake tray lightly to separate contents.

          c. Cook on high power for 1 minute.

     4. For Breakfasts

          a. Cook on high power for 1 minute.

          b. Shake tray lightly to separate contents.

          c. Cook on high power for 30 seconds if needed.

     5. Let stand for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

     6. Enjoy Your Meal!

Stovetop – For the more adventurous, you may want to sauté and add additional spicing for a kick:

     1. Put pan spray in sauté pan.

     2. Put ingredients into sauté pan.

     3. Heat over medium-high heat.

     4. Add any spices you would like to zip it up.

     5. Heat to desired temperature.

     6. Enjoy!

How should I consume my meals for optimal benefits?

We recommend eating at least two meals a day. One for lunch and one for dinner. For those who really want to succeed you could try some of the breakfast options to get you started in the morning. You will feel more energized and motivated right away!

Where is the nutrition information for my meals?

All information will be on the nutrition label for each meal when they arrive. You can also view all nutrition information on the meal pages. Click here to see an example.

How can I track my meals?

You can click the "track my meals" link in the main menu or Click here to track your meals