Returns/ Refund Policy

Damaged Meals

If your meals are damaged, please take a photo of the meals in question and email them to  We will be happy to replace those meals on your next order free of charge, or we can provide you with a coupon for the monetary value of the meals to be used towards a future order.  If a meal arrives with a small incision/break in the plastic seal this is not considered damaged.  Damaged meals are specifically meals that are entirely open with the contents of the meal displaced from its tray. 

Spoiled Meals

Although this is very rare, in regard to spoiled packages; typically a package spoils if it is in transit for 3+ days.  Email us at if this was the case.  If your package was in transit for more than 2 days we will resend the package to you free of charge, or issue a coupon equal to the full transaction price for you to use on a future order.  If our package was delayed due to our shipping partner, we ask that you always accept the package, and store the meals in the fridge immediately.  If the package is refused we have no record of it ever being delivered late; which won’t enable us to resend another package.

We do not accept return shipments and we do not grant full refunds.