Workout Buzzkills

Try to avoid these things during your daily workout routines


Worry about the numbers
Whether you are counting your calories or measuring your heart-rate, try not to obsess over the numbers.  While they can certainly provide instant feedback, sometimes it is better to focus on what your body is telling you.  If you are a numbers person , I suggest taking a look at a fitness tracking wristband such as the Fitbit Charge.  This will help you to not stress on the numbers while you enjoy the benefits of your workout.

No slacking
Stay focused both mentally and physically during your workouts.  The less focus you have, the less benefit you will receive.  Try to stay mentally sharp and focus on each exercise, after all a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day! 

Get stuck on the treadmill
Working out on the treadmill is certainly better than sitting on the couch! New exercises are essential to your progress.  Try to mix your routine up with the elliptical, bike, or my personal favorite, the stair master. 

Eat Like an Olympian
Many professional athletes require thousands of calories each day to meet caloric demands and keep up on the playing field.  Try to avoid calorie heavy workout bars and energy drinks everyday.  Eat three well balanced meals and two healthy snacks each day such as fruit or almonds.  Any more than that could have a negative effect

Eat Healthy, Live Happy
The New Vision Nutrition Team