Have you ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen?” but have no idea what they are talking about or you hit a plateau physically and cannot seem to get past it no matter what diet, exercise or tea cleanse you use?  Well chances are you probably are NOT eating enough or not eating the right foods throughout your day. Yes I said NOT ENOUGH! Eating at least 4 times a day will boost your metabolism by forcing your body to digest quicker and it increases your body’s natural ability to burn fat. Sound crazy? Fine, let me tell you how to get your abs cooking in the kitchen!

Everyone’s body is different, but to an extent certain things like carbohydrate cycling and eating every two-three hours can cause drastic weight loss for anyone. We will be talking about this in much more detail over the next few weeks.  People ask me all the time about diet tips, how to lose weight and how tone up quickly. My first response is to stop eating fast food all together. Yes it’s convenient but its absolute crap food! As soon as that is taken out of your routine your body reacts very quickly to the improved diet.  Your energy will be up and you will feel and see the difference in your body in the first week or so!

Second, you should get a protein you like best for example tilapia, chicken or steak is ideal with some vegetables and healthy carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes and or rice cakes. Once you have your desired meal sauté them in an oil, I found that coconut oil is best, and incorporate spices that also help boost your metabolism like cinnamon, chili powder and cayenne pepper work and taste great. Eating well balanced meals is the most important aspect of getting the body that you deserve! 

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