1. Increases your natural metabolism

Cardio and working weights on a regular basis increases the amount of calories burned naturally at rest or during active times as well.

2. Raises natural libido levels

Exercising regularly increases natural circulation throughout the body and may increase certain sex hormones like Testosterone.

3. Stress, anxiety, and depression are reduced

Staying fit also releases natural Endorphins in the brain which LITERALLY act as antidepressants!

4. Fat Utilization

Improves the body’s natural ability to use fat as energy when physically active so we can work out harder and longer!

5.Increased Natural Energy Levels

Working out consistently raises your body’s natural energy levels even at rest.  So the more often you work out the more energy you will wake up with every day!

6. You Live Longer!

People who tend to exercise regularly age slower and usually live longer than the average human being!

7. Exercising improves your overall outward appearance

Besides getting rid of unwanted fat, exercising regularly forces your body to sweat out the natural toxins and water that is stored and built up in your body every single day! It also improves your skin’s overall complexion.

8. Improved Sleep

People tend to stay sound asleep throughout the night and aren’t as restless that tend to work out and exercise more often.

9. Increased Self Esteem

Regardless of how your body looks to you or anyone else if you look good you feel good because yet again Endorphins are being released on the daily that boost your overall mood!

10. Cholesterol and Blood Pressure are naturally reduced

Consistent exercise has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and increase good cholesterol levels (HDL) as well as lowering and even preventing high blood pressure levels which in hand decreases chances of heart disease.

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