Do you snooze through your alarm each morning and run out the door with little to no time to spare? If so, you are definitely not alone. It’s easy to let the mornings get away from us, and often times we think we will feel better if we just allow ourselves to snooze for an extra 15 minutes. However, hitting the snooze button can cause us to feel rushed and frazzled each morning, and can even lower productivity throughout the day. The great news is that morning rituals can be complete game changers when it comes to kick starting your day for success. Plus, some of these rituals only require a few minutes of your time, so everyone can find the time to fit them into their morning.  

8 Quick & Simple Morning Rituals for a Successful Day


#1 First Things First, Make Your Bed:

While it may seem like such a basic task, making your bed as soon as you get out of bed will not only make you feel accomplished right as you start your day, but it may very well help push you to accomplish more throughout the day. There’s also just something about making your bed that makes you feel a bit more organized before you start the day, so make it part of your morning ritual to make your bed first thing in the morning.


#2 Give Yourself an Hour to Focus on YOU:

After the bed is made, make the first hour of your morning your power hour. If you don’t currently have enough time to make an hour to do something for yourself, you may have to wake up a bit earlier. This is the best time to dedicate some time to yourself, especially if you have kids and a busy job. You can practice some self-care before the rest of the house is up for the day, and before your workday begins. Do what will give you power throughout the rest of your day during this time. For some, this means getting in a quick workout and sitting down for a healthy breakfast. For others, it may mean getting in a guided meditation and enjoying your morning cup of coffee while it’s still hot without disruption. Make it a routine to get up earlier so that you can make the first hour of your day the time you dedicate to you. This will make such a big difference is your overall attitude as you go about your everyday tasks.


#3 Morning Journaling:

Morning journaling can also be a great way to start your day, and you can even add this into your morning power hour. You can do this in as little as five minutes by sitting down and writing down five things you are grateful for each morning. This will really help to change your perspective on the day if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


#4 Get Centered:

Getting centered before the craziness of the day begins can be extremely beneficial for your mental health and productivity each day. Do something that helps you get yourself centered each morning. For some, this will be a quick five-minute meditation, while others may need to get their body moving by going for a brisk walk or a run. Find what helps you feel grounded and centered, and strive to do this each morning.


#5 Sip on Tea While Listening to Your Favorite Podcast:

Brew yourself a mug of tea, and sit down to listen to your favorite podcast during breakfast. There are dozens of motivational podcasts that can help motivate you and can help boost positivity throughout your day. Not into podcasts? Reading a personal development book is always an excellent option as well and can help boost positivity.


#6 Write Your to-do List:

Just like setting aside time to do some journaling, setting aside a few minutes to write out your to-do list can also be extremely beneficial for your productivity levels each day. Write down everything you have to do each day in order of importance. Cross off each task as you complete them, and see how accomplished you feel at the end of the day.


#7 Supercharge Your Breakfast:

Part of kickstarting your day for success involves supercharging your breakfast with foods to fuel your body to help you feel your best. Try to add at least one superfood to your breakfast. Some great options to add to your favorite breakfast recipe include chia and flax seeds, avocado, coconut, and dark leafy greens.


#8 Get Out the Door 5 Minutes Early:

If many of your mornings get away from you, and you are constantly leaving at the last minute, make it your goal to leave 5-minutes earlier. By leaving the house just a couple of minutes before you have to will help you feel less stressed out which is a huge part of setting yourself up for success. If you aren’t running around trying to get to work on time, and you know you have a few extra minutes to spare, you are less likely to feel frazzled as you start your day.


Try out a handful of these morning rituals to start your day out on the right foot. Plus, don’t forget to get a good night sleep the night before! A solid night sleep is one of the best ways to make sure you have the energy to power through your day and can make these morning rituals even more effective at setting you up for all-day success.

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